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Founded in 2005, is dedicated to high-quality, innovative, high-performance and cost-effective PCB design services based on advanced technologies from Japan. We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions covering design, simulation, manufacture and consulting. We take great pride in our deep experience witn high-frequency,  high-speed and high-density PCB design.

Following Japanese-style formalized management and design process, we focus on high-quality PCB design with top professional and technological capabilities, having won recognition from hundreds of leading domestic and foreign businesses, including Alcatel-lucent, Broadcom, Hitachi, HP, Siemens and NEC.

We have large, strong technical teams and rich design experience.  In the past, we have successfully served a broad variety of industries such as computers, communications, industral control, security, digital appliances, automotive electronics, image processing, medical devices, maritime and astronautics. Committed to the highest standard of service, we are confident in making key contributions to your development of electronic products.


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  • High Quality

    We have established systematic long-term or short-term technology seminars and training programs with Japanese companies for our engineers, which keeps us updated with the current cutting-edge technologies. In order to reduce defective rates down to zero. we have implemented standard Japanese quality management systems.

  • Timely Delivery

    Our goal is to provide the best service to our clients. We can allocate staff fiexibly according to clients' needs. Given our extensive experience in PCB design. We can minimize the possibly of redesign with the consideration of manufacturing feasibility during our design procedures.

  • Cost Control

    We aim to design excellent products that can balance our clients' requirements and the manufacturing feasibility, Our services include providing the best solutions to our clients in the product development, prototype, design and manufacturing. We are dedicated to optimizing clients' time and cost, realizing the perfect combination of high efficiency and low cost.

  • Confidentiality

    Design engineers are exclusively assigned to each client until the project ends. Client' information and data are managed and protected by designated staff. Printed papers are shredded periodically. All clients' data are stored on our servers with password protection and only exposed to authorized personnel. All our corporation networks are monitored networks are monitored in real time to protect our clients' confidential business information.


  • Mission

    Dedicated to the double happiness of all employees' spirit and material, serve electronics technology to create a better future.

  • Vision

    Become the industry's leading and trusted value service provider.

  • Values

    Responsibility, Altruism, Action and Believe.

  • Concepts

    Precise positioning, Sincere cooperation, Lean quality, and Meticulous service.

  • Strategy

    Winning with quality and service, based on Japanese technology, build a one-stop hardware service platform through PCB design.

  • 【Responsibility】We advocate the spirit of responsibility for customers and the company. In the face of tasks, I dare to shoulder the heavy burden; in the face of difficulties, I dare to rise to the

  • 【Altruism】Accept others with tolerance, care for others with gratitude, help others with dedication. Return team, company, customer, society through their own efforts.

  • 【Action】We keep forging ahead with hard work, and the momentum of action and execution. Take action to improve and prove yourself. Improve performance through effective execution, overcome difficult

  • 【Believe】We always believe in the power of trust. We love life and work hard. We believe in ourselves, our company, our customers and our future.


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