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PCB design engineer

1、College degree or above in electronics or related field.

2、Proficient in using at least one EDA software such as Allegro, CR5000 and Altium.

3、Be familiar with PCB design and manufacturing process, understand PCB board making and welding process.

4、Good knowledge of EMC and SI/PI, high frequency and high speed design experience is preferred.

5、Strong sense of responsibility, high sense of responsibility and teamwork.

Senior simulation engineer

1、Bachelor degree or above in electronics, microwave, communication, etc.

2、Proficient in mainstream simulation software like Ansoft, HFSS, SIwave, Spice and Sigrity.

3、Proficient in signal integrity and power supply integrity simulation, at least three years of work experience.

4、Good theoretical foundation of digital-analog circuit, understanding of circuit principles and PCB design rules.

5、Good learning ability, communication skills and teamwork spirit.

Administrative assistant/commissioner

1、Major in administration and human resources, college degree or above .

2、Strong writing skills, proficient in Office, PS and other Office software .

3、Rigorous and methodical in work, with good analytical ability and strain capacity .

4、Strong sense of responsibility, high sense of responsibility and professional accomplishment .

5、Good logical thinking, communication and coordination skills.

**Warm Prompt**

  • Please make a nice and concise resume and attach my photo.

  • Your past experience is very important. It is the most important window for us to understand each other.

  • Please send your resume to the designated email address below.

  • We guarantee that each resume is reviewed by the relevant director, but we only inform the good news.

  • We ensure that the interview can be notified up to 15 working days.

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