SI, PI, EMC, DFM, comprehensive simulation and design.

Give full consideration to simulation anlysis for design.

Throughout tech support from Japanese senior engineers.

Extensive hands-on experiences and successful projects.

Able to perform signal simulation analysis over Giga Hz and above.

  • SI

    Siganl Integrity Ana

    Design rules, topology modeling, reflection, crosstalk, time series simulation analysis multi-board combined system analysis.

  • PI

    Power Integrity Anal

    Dc voltage analysis, plane resonance analysis, PNG impedance analysis.

  • EMC

    Electro Magnetic Com

    EMC design, EMC rectification, EMC rectification.

  • DMF

    Design for Manufactu

    DFF Design for Fabrication, DFA Desgin for Assembly, DFT Design for Testability.


  • √  Support IBIS, Hspice model model and S-parameter models.

  • √  Various simulation methods including frequency domain, time domain...

  • √  Comprehensively consider factors such as reflection, crosstalk, ringing and etc.

  • √  Extensive hands-on experiences and successful projects.

  • Delay Calculate

    Topology analysis

  • Reflection simulation

    Impedance Calculate

  • Crosstalk simulation

    Stack up analysis

  • Static timing analysis

    SSN simulation

  • S-parameter extract

    Serial/Parallel link


  • DC IR Drop

    DC IR Drop

  • Plane Resonance

    Plane Resonance

  • PDN lmpedance

    PDN lmpedance

  • Decouping cap. Optimization

    Decouping cap. Optimization


Electromagnetic compatibility includes electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic sensitivity (EMS) . Board-level EMC design adopts the idea of focusing on source control, and takes countermeasures from the design stage. Combined with signal integrity analysis, it fundamentally solves EMC problems existing in veneer of external interface and products that cannot be completely screened. Board-level EMC design cannot be replaced by any other EMC measures. And can shorten development cycle, reduce batch cost.


EMC Design

  • √ Cascade and impedance control.
  • √ Module division and placement.
  • √ Power and signal priority special routing.
  • √ Cross-partition and slotted design.
  • √ Interface Design Protection and Filtering.
  • √ Split with tandem, shielding and isolation.

EMC Rectification

EMC test products for the problem found, proposed reform. Mainly from the interference source, sensitive equipment and couping pathways of three elements, combining the actual test showed problems, make corrective recommendations and corrective actions.

EMC Verification

Help customers complete aseries of EMC test products, and one of the problems encountered, given the reerence recommendations.


Manufacturability design is to consider factors such as manufacturability and assemblability of the product at the design stage, so that the product is manufactured with the lowest cost, the shortest time and the highest quality. DFM is the core technology of concurrent engineering. We realize the synchronous simulation of the design process from design, platemaking to assembly by manufacturing the simulation system. The design method based on DFM concept can effectively reduce the trial production times and speed up the research and development cycle. In other words, more problems should be considered in the early stage of design, which is the key to guarantee the success of one-time trial production of PCB design.


Signal quality Analysis



Design for Fabrication



Design for Fabrication



Design for Assembly




√ Reduce revision times and development cycle.

√ Reduce the number of trial production and production cost.

√ Improve the standardized process to improve product quality and reliability.

√ Simplify product transformation process and improve productivity.

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